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Who we are

For generations, passion, experience and hard work have accompanied us on our cruises on Lake Garda.

Our commitment is based on the perfect balance between innovation and tradition; everything we know about this business has been passed down our family line from generation to generation. However, despite the experience, we have kept taking on new challenges to offer our clients new services and opportunities. This is why we are able to provide a complete range of high-quality services, to suit all needs.


The Bertoldi Family is one of the oldest in Sirmione, where it has lived since 1412. Our ancestors were fishermen and at the end of the 1800s, thanks to their experience on Lake Garda, they accompanied the first tourists visiting the area. At the time, the tours of the lake were organised on rowing or sailing boats, but in the 30s the Bertoldi Family was the first to offer motorboat tours.


Thanks to motorboats, the excursions could go further afield in less time and with the first wood motorboats, they also became more comfortable. Later, fiberglass brought a new generations of boats to Sirmione; again, the Bertoldi Family was the first to have faster, safer and more comfortable motorboats. After the fiberglass motorboat made in vacuum infusion, which can comfortably seat 30 people, now we have taken yet another step towards the future: the first electric motorboat, with zero CO2 emissions, that combines elegance and functionality.


Our boats

Choose the model you prefer and contact us to arrange an amazing tour on Lake Garda.

Our partners

Our clients

Every client we welcome on our motorboats has different requirements and we strive to satisfy them all. This is why we collaborate with the best service providers in the area and over the years have had the pleasure to see many big names board our boats.




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