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Why take a quick ride on a motorboat when you can take advantage of electric boats?

There is nothing better than cruising on Lake Garda without worrying about air and sound pollution. Thanks to Become, the first electric taxi boat with no impact on the environment, this is now possible.



no noise

No noise

You can cruise without being disturbed by the noise of the engine, accompanied only by the sound of the water under the hull, and enjoy the beauty of the lake to the full.

zero impact

Zero impact

Your tour of Lake Garda will have no impact on the environment, no CO2 emissions: one of the main objectives is to preserve the beautiful waters of our lake.

quick charge

Quick charge

Thanks to Become, the charging points for cars and boats, which recharge batteries in less than one hour and offer longer autonomy, are now scattered all around Lake Garda.

state of the art technology

State of the art technology

Become boats have been designed and built using the latest technology to guarantee the highest standards of comfort, safety and quality.




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